What is CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation?

What is CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion rate optimisation is essentially the process of tweaking your website in order to increase the number of conversions from traffic entering it, often in relation to trying to improve profitability or return on advertising spend. CRO typically involves utilising a web analytics service to identify any potential problems with the site, followed by a series of different types of testing in order to find the best possible solutions to any problems.

Although the concept might sound complicated, the very basic stages of CRO can typically be broken down as follows:

  • Establish reasons why site visitors aren’t converting.
  • Create experiments or tests (like “what happens if the Contact Us button were sticky?”).
  • Carry out each test and measure the results.
  • Decide if the result is positive or negative.
  • Implement positive changes and move to the next test.

Whilst it’s conceptually simple, there are a number of complex, innovative methods which can be employed in order to achieve the best possible CRO results.

It’s VERY important that you don’t change multiple things at once unless you can be 100% that they will not interact, you don’t change too many things too quickly and you deliver a significant amount of traffic of the usual measurable traffic profile to the pages being tested before relying upon a result to make an informed decision.

It’s really important that you “follow the data” when performing CRO, adding in personal opinion is probably a bad idea. Your website visitors will tell you what you need to know either directly by survey and feedback or indirectly by reacting in a positive or negative way to your experiments.

Since it’s always better to prove that a page functions better as opposed to simply making changes and hoping for the best, conversion rate optimisation is invaluable for businesses wanting to stay at the peak of their game.

Testing ensures that any recommendations to improve the function of a site are based on facts and figures. With a wealth of knowledge and experience which helps us to understand site usability, you can rest assured that our expertise is certain to boost the conversion rate of your site.

How exactly does conversion rate optimisation work?

We work with our clients in order to propose, build and implement improved versions of a page, widgets and other parts of their website. By analysing data, we are provided with a clear understanding of aspects of a site which can be improved upon.

By implementing A/B testing (sometimes called split-testing), we can then create alternate versions of a page and send traffic to each. We can then measure results to ascertain the best course of action to increase conversions by setting targets in order to understand which version of a site performs better.

All our clients need to do is sit back and wait for the verdict on which page works best. Changes can range from minor tweaks to all-out redesigns of a site’s functionality.

Why should I choose conversion rate optimisation?

If you already have an established site which enjoys a regular, steady flow of traffic, and you’d like to increase the value of the traffic your site already receives, conversion rate optimisation is the ideal way to achieve this.

If your site meets the criteria above, it’s likely that you could be missing out on a reasonably large chunk of revenue which is already locked within your site. We serve to identify and unlock additional streams of revenue by ensuring that your site is working in harmony with your traffic generation methods.

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