Phishing E-mails

Spam is often used for illegal purposes by fraudsters.

These fraudsters send out emails which try to scam users into giving up their personal information, usually on fake Web sites.

They do this by forging emails so that they look like emails that are from legitimate banks or other organizations, such as Amazon or PayPal.

This type of activity is known as phishing.

Where some information is known about the intended recipient these scammers can try to targeted phishing emails by forging them look even more believable or credible, this is sometimes known as spear-phishing.

So what can I do to protect myself against phishing emails?

As a rule of thumb, your bank, PayPal or any serious organisation will never send you a request for information via email, they will never send you a file to download or send you to a site which doesn’t show a valid SSL certificate showing their company details. If in doubt delete the email and contact the real organisation by trusted means.

InocuMail E-mail Filtering protects agains phishing email attacks by filtering phishing email BEFORE they reach your INBOX.

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