Design for print and brand and logo development

The way a company presents itself to the outside world is of critical importance. Developing a brand identity and logo is something that should a business should take time over, and is such an important issue that many businesses choose to get help with creating a logo or brand, and carrying this identity through to print.

Good brands

A good brand identity is one which is instantly recognisable, and which tells the consumer something about the company, its products and its business ethos. There are so many variables to consider when developing a brand image such as colour, font and wording, and working with design and print specialists will help businesses develop a great brand which will look equally good on the side of the company vans as it does on the headed notepaper or carrier bags. Branding should be consistent across everything the company does, and having a strong brand helps customers recognise your company and helps to build positive associations with the products and services offered.

Logo Examples:

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Companies produce a whole host of printed material. Everything from business cards to product brochures function both as sales tools and also help promote the company through the use of consistent branding. Printed material represents the public face of the company and should be professional designed and printed to ensure that the best possible image is promoted to the general public. Using an external organisation to design and manage the print process has several advantages over trying to manage it in house, including time savings, the ability to draw on a greater pool of expertise, and being able to access the latest printing technology to give the best possible end result.

Print Examples:

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All in one service

The ideal solution for any company trying to develop an online presence by building a website and a brand identity through printed materials is to find a company which is a one stop shop and offers all of the related design services. Having one company which can manage all aspects of company design means there is a guarantee that the design will be consistent. It can also represent cost savings when a larger amount of work is awarded to one company, and time savings for management as they only have one design point of contact rather than having to juggle contacts from several different companies doing different design or print work.

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