Search Marketing Agency and Web Consultants

We are Internet & web technology professionals with a deep, real-life experience in the areas of; business, strategy, problem-solving and digital marketing.

About Us

With deep, real-life experience in the areas of; business, strategy, problem-solving, digital marketing, web hosting, web development, integrations, e-commerce and most Internet technology. We are ideally placed to help you take stock of where you are, help you break down problems making them easier to understand and help identify options and opportunities for change and growth.

If you have an existing project that’s not gone to plan or is under-performing or ready for replacement, or you want to launch a new project, we can provide hands-on support at all levels, before, during and after.

Website Audits

Got a problem, need help or someone to take stock and explain your options? We can help! We’ve seen most things and are ideally placed to help.

Search Marketing

We can help design and deliver and support you in getting results from strategy through to content marketing, digital PR and social media.

Paid Advertising

PPC can be an effective way to support traffic levels while organic traffic grows or in its own right as a huge source of immediate business.


We consult on large sites, web and business strategies, problems, eCommerce and web-hosting. We love to help with complex problems.


DECAFY help our clients when they need websites and online marketing and have been successful in achieving good results for them on numerous occasions. Their knowledge is second to none.

– Philip Green – Director, Ashford Rainham

Chris Houghton

Hardworking, honest and technically gifted. Can take complex technical tasks and break them into logical pieces of work that deliver for our joint clients. I have no question in recommending Decafy to people who need to move complex data from one system to another or who are experiencing web presence issues.

– Chris Houghton – CEO, Eventura