Experienced Business, Internet & Technology Professionals

What We Do…

We have deep real-life experience in the areas of; business, strategy, problem-solving, digital marketing and Internet technology. We are ideally placed to; help businesses take-stock of where they’re at, help them break down problems to make them easier to understand; help them see their options and opportunties and help them by providing hands-on support at all levels.

Marketing Consultancy

Need to understand options, strategies or review current activity?

Business Consulting

Need help with growth and change in your business?

Management Consulting

Day-to-day management support with cash-flow, P&L and change.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO can help build valuable organic visibility and drive traffic to your web site.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Products like Google Adwords mean you can have traffic on demand.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Got lots of traffic and not many sales? CRO can help work out why.

Return On Investment

Spending a lot but not seeing profit? We can help improve your ROI.

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing rocks. It can retain customers and drive new business too.

Social Media Marketing

Every business now needs to embrace social media just like it embraced e-mail.

Internet Consultancy

We’ve seen it all and we love to help so whatever the challenge give us a try.

Web Project Management

Projects go better when managed, we can help you manage yours.

Web Design & Development

We’re good for responsive web design, CMS builds and programming.

Project Help & Rescue

We can help you recover from an out of control, failing or failed web project.

Management Support

We can join with you to help you better understand and manage your options.


We can provide useful things like keyword and competitor research.


We’ve helped many businesses securely sell online and we can help you.

Hosting & Cloud Services

We can join with you to help you better understand your options.

Internet Security

Have you been hacked or are you just looking to make sure you stay safe?

Ideas & Brainstorming

We love fun and productive brainstorming sessions with clients.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps can not only be useful they can be traffic generators too!

Video Marketing

Video production and marketing helps build traffic and engage website visitors.

Online Payment Solutions

Need online payment? We partner with the UK’s largest payment processors.

Website Audits

An audit can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses online.


We can host workshops to help and support you and your staff.

Data Feeds & Integrations

We make systems talk to each other or feed data that might not normally.

Creative Design & Print

Create logos, branding, PDFs, brochures, banners, catalogues and more.

Local Business

We can help you market your business online locally to consumers or B2B.

Analytics / Statistics

“If you can’t measure it, you probably shouldn’t spend it”, we can help!


We can provide independent monthly website and marketing reports.

Webmaster Services

We can add team knowledge to help you get more from suppliers and staff?

Copywriting / Web Content

Good content and a good content strategy can make all the difference.

Q&A Sessions

Sometimes you and your team just need someone to bounce off.

Niche Solutions

Solutions developed to for specific industries or to meet specific needs.


Good photography whether it’s products, people or locations can make a website.

Website Pre-Flight Checks

Assess the quality of your new website to make sure it’s right before it goes live.

Team Motivation & Orientation

Need your team / suppliers re-orienting to all point in the same direction?

Inbound Call Tracking

Help provide a better customer experience and fine tune advertising ROI.

Customer Satisfaction

Survey to do better and identify issues before they become problems.

Customer Reviews

Build your customer reviews and stand out from the crowd for the right reasons.

Digital Signage

Digital signage solutions including digital posters and touch screens.

Domain Name Registration

Secure and manage domain portfolios for general use and promotions.

IT, Server & Desktop Support

Network, sever, desktop managed support contracts

Website Go-Live Checking

Get it right… Protect search engine rank, site authority and retain your traffic!

Got An Idea, Looking For Help?

We’re always looking for opportunities to help or invest in projects or ideas.

Marketing Support

Need help understanding and measuring your PPC or SEO company? We can help!

100% Reliable

We are hard working individuals who care about the work we do. We always go the extra mile and are alway stood by your side when you need us.


100% Honest

We prefer open, honest and transparent relationships with our customers and are happy to provide references.


100% Trustworthy

We are 100% trustworthy and hold the confidence that our clients, resellers and other agencies put in us in the highest regard.

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What makes us different?

We’re experienced, we’ve seen it all and are skilled in identifying problems and understanding solutions very quickly. We don’t employ sales people, all our sales are carried out by experienced pre-sales technical people who understand what they’re talking about and who want you to understand too!


Zero Ego Policy

You won’t find any huge egos here, we’re just genuine honest, friendly people who enjoy meeting people and helping others.

Zero Bulls**t Policy

We’re proud technical folk, we don’t just say what you want to hear to get an order and we like you to understand 100%!

Zero Failure Policy

Where there’s a will there’s usually a way. When the going gets tough, we dig deep and always try our best to find a solution.
Hard working, honest and technically gifted. Can take complex technical tasks and break them into logical pieces of work that deliver for our joint clients. I would have no question in recommending to people who need to move complex data from one system to another or who are experiencing web presence issues.
Chris Houghton

CEO, eVentura

DECAFY help our clients when they need websites and online marketing and have been successful in achieving good results for them on numerous occasions. Their knowledge is second to none.
Philip Green

Partner, Ashford Rainham Accountants

Proud Members of the .UK Domain Registry

The .UK registry Nominet handles domain extensions including .uk, .co.uk, .ltd.uk, .org.uk and .me.uk. We operate our own IPS-Tag “DECAFY” and can help you secure or manage domain portfolios for general website use or for special campaigns or promotions.